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Make Low Cost International Calls to Jamaica and Save Money

There are many ways that AnywareData helps you save money when making low-cost international calls to Jamaica.

When it comes to flexible and affordable international calling plans, there’s only one real option. Many apps and phone plans will claim to save you money or offer stellar quality calls, but only AnywareData can give you the best of a phone and calling app for making cheap calls to Jamaica, with a price that will save you money. Here are just a few ways that AnywareData can give you the calls you need at rates you’ll love.

1. Flexible Plans

The AnywareData app comes in two flexible plans that help you save money. The first is our annual plan, with 6000 network minutes, letting you call to and from Jamaica from any Canadian or American network, as well as calls to landlines in the UK. Our other plan, a monthly plan, gives you a chance to discover our stellar service before committing to the full year. And with reasonable top-up rates, you can add minutes whenever you need to so you can always stay in touch with those important to you.

2. Get a unique telephone number
While many apps may let you call other app owners for free, only AnywareData gives you a stable, unique phone number that allows you to make and receive calls internationally at a much better rate. Not limiting you to any network rather to data or internet.

3. Crystal Clear Service

The AnywareData app is a regular phone line service that isn’t tied to a single network, but instead uses a sophisticated data network to handle calls. This eliminates roaming fees while letting you call anyone in Jamaica, Canada, the US, and any landline in the UK. By relying on steady data streams, your calls will be crystal clear and suffer fewer drops than fading telephone lines or internet services. All for a much more reasonable rate.

4. Multiple Devices, Same Great Service

The AnywareData app lets you apply the same plan to three smart devices, so you, your loved ones, or your business associates can share a plan across their devices. You can use it for yourself as well, letting you use other smart devices to make calls on the fly, in your home, or when you’re away on holiday.

With the AnywareData Android app and iOS app, you can get the service levels you’d expect from a phone company at rates that are competitive with other international apps, but with an unprecedented level of flexibility. Our app lets you save money, call the people you want, receive calls from those who need to contact you, and choose your own number. You aren’t restricted by who you can call, so you can call and receive calls from Canadian, Jamaican, and American networks without penalty. Plus, anyone can call UK landlines from Jamaica.

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