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Make Cheap International Calls to Jamaica

When it comes to international calling in Jamaica, there are plenty of options, but AnywareData can help you call for less.

There are plenty of companies out there who claim to give you options when it comes to international calls to Jamaica, but there always seems to be a catch. For some apps, it’s that anyone you contact must use the same app. For phone companies, the catch is their astronomical rates. For other options, you’re the only one who can call. But with the AnywareData app, you can make calls, receive calls, and enjoy the freedom of a plan that’s built for you. Here’s how works:

1. Sign Up for a Plan

AnywareData offers a number of different plans that can help you stay in contact with those who matter most; all you have to do is choose which one works for you. For those who like to save money and get the most number of minutes, the annual plan is the best choice. At only $52.00USD (J$6000), the plan offers you $2.99/minute calling to Jamaica from UK, US, and Canada, as well as international calls to landlines in the UK. That means you can call to and from the UK as you need, up to 6000 network minutes a year. The plan also comes with a generous data package and minutes to use for calling anywhere. Our monthly plan is also available, which offers similar services on a month-to-month basis, so you can try it out before committing to the annual plan.

2. Choose a Phone Number

Unlike other apps and programs, which call through private or international and unrecognizable numbers, the AnywareData app lets you choose your phone number. As long as your number is available, you can choose almost anything. That means, when you call, it’ll be your number that comes up. This lets your friends, family, and business associates call you on their own phones as well, including landline numbers in the UK. It will help you keep in touch with anyone, and gives others a chance to contact you.

3. Top Up Whenever You Need

Sometimes you’ll need more minutes. It could be because a family member has moved away, it could be a new business venture, but whatever the reason, AnywareData has a simple top-up plan to give you the minutes you need, when you need them. The rates are competitive, unlike other plans that charge much higher rates for additional minutes, and the process is simple and easy.

4. Call Anyone, Not Just Those with the App

Finally, the AnywareData app gives you the option to call anyone, not just those who have the same app. It works just like any cell phone plan, using data instead of traditional phone lines. That means you can call, and receive calls, from anyone using a phone, or a landline in the UK.

When it comes to international calling, especially to and from Jamaica, there are seemingly a lot of options, but there’s only one option that gives you all the benefits of a phone without the hassle of expensive international rates. With AnywareData, you can make cheap calls to and from Jamaica using a number you picked yourself. You can call anyone you want, not just those with the app, and they can call you back. It’s the best option available, whether you’re calling Jamaica, or calling home from Canada, the US, or the UK.

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