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    Call USA, Jamaica, UK (Landline), Canada for USD$0.026 cents per minute per second billing.

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    Free Month Trial- 500 mins on-network (app to app) and 33 mins off-network to call USA,

    Canada, Jamaica and UK (landline).

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    We make Jamaica available to people inside & outside of Jamaica so they can:


    Call Jamaica or the world inexpensively and speak with all Jamaicans and Jamaican businesses Anyware, as if they were in Jamaica


    Access wifi hotspots in Jamaica across the island


    Have a Jamaican telephone number to be reached on wherever they travel


    Replace expensive roaming calls when traveling outside of Jamaica


    Replace expensive calling cards used to call Jamaica or simplify calling in Jamaica with one consistent per minute rate regardless of any specific voice or data plan subscribed to.

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    We're on a mission to connect you to the world!

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    Simply sign up for our current free promotion or choose from one of our amazing recurring call plans below, enter your current mobile number on checkout, you will be sent a text SMS message and an email with anywaredata credentials.

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    You can simply download the app from this website or on the text SMS message we sent to you. Once downloaded please enter your awd credentials that was emailed/text to you and insert into the dialer app only once.


    All complete!

    When you have completed the sign up process, you are assigned your own personal telephone number (username)to make or receive calls at a consistent rate per second, regardless of where in the world you are. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi or Data connection!

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  • FAQ

    We always strive for the best.

    Why use anywaredata versus whatsapp?

    Anywaredata is a telephone line independent of a network that can be used anywhere over data (3g, 4g, WiFi), with J$2.99/USD 0.02 per minute with per second billing to Jamaica, USA, Canada and UK (landline). Assigning a Jamaican telephone number to each subscriber and allowing each subscription the ability to use the application on 3 smart devices. Eliminate roaming fees and stay connected for less.

    How does anywaredata work?

    Go to www.anywaredata.com then select the plan or the amount of pay as go needed. Add your selection to your cart and check out, then fill out the form, select referral and then pay for your selection.

    How many minutes do I get?

    100 mins-J$300/USD 2.60

    167 mins-J$500/USD 4.27

    334 mins-J$1000/USD 8.54

    What is the clarity of this service?

    Crystal clear- try it today!

    How do I top up my minutes?

    Go to www.anywaredata.com.  Check out your desired pay as you go, add to cart and then check out – ensure to add your existing anywaredata telephone number to receive top up.

    Can I move my anywaredata to another phone?

    Yes, Anywaredata can be used on any three smart devices.

    What is the value in this product?

    Anywaredata is a telephone line independent of a network that can be used anywhere over data (3g, 4g, WiFi), with J$2.99/USD 0.02 per minute with per second billing to UK (landline), USA, Jamaica and Canada. Assigning a Jamaican telephone number to each subscriber and can be used on any 3 smart devices. Eliminating roaming charges and expensive calling card rates.

    Can I receive calls from any network?

    You can receive calls from any telecommunication provider globally once on data or WiFi.

    Will this app be blocked from making calls eventually on our local network?

    This app is powered by a licensed telecommunication company so a local carrier will not block the service.

    What number will people see when I call?

    Your anywaredata telephone number.

    How do I resell?

    Anywaredata has three reseller programs. That has different commissions assigned and parameter and has to me authenticated by ANYWAREDATA. For more information, contact sales@anywaredata.com.

    Does this app stay open on the back end?

    Once open, it stays open until exited.

    Can I make calls to anywhere?

    Yes. Anywaredata is an additional phone line that once data or WiFi is available can call UK (landline), Canada, Jamaica, and USA for 2.6 cents per minute with per second billing. Check our AZ rates for calling anywhere else in the world.

    Do the persons I am calling need to have anywaredata?


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